Viewloader Tripod

So the Tripod looks like a normal Viewloader hopper and it’s pretty much what it is. There’s one thing special in it though – the loader itself comes with a 200 count pod, but in addition to that you may also get 140 count and 300 count pods and change them whenever you decide. A downside to that brilliant idea though is that you have to buy those separately otherwise you’re stuck with only the 200 count pod. Anyhow this is a loader well worth having. It’s very quite one, easy to clean, and although it’s not the fastest one out there I think 12 bps (not 15 as advertised) is pretty good for a rate. And what I like best in it – it’s nothing like the others of its family when it comes to battery life (meaning that the batteries just seem to last forever). Here are its features:

*  Agitating feed electronic loader – includes multi blade propellor for reliable balanced feed
*  Improved vision system to recognize dark or black shell paintballs
*  Re-engineered feed neck for increased strength and secure fit to your marker
*  Comes standard with X board electronics: Provides faster feed rate to minimize ball           breakage and dry fires, sun proof vision system, moisture resistant electronics, extended battery life
*  Feed rate: Up to 15 balls per second
*  Multi capacity loaders with spring loaded flip lids can be easily changed. The loader comes with a 200 count pod. Additional 140 count and 300 count pods are available in diamond clear only (sold separately).
* Requires 2 9 volt batteries (not included)

There’s not too much to be mentioned on the downside. It tends to be a little heavy, but it’s something you can get used to. It may be slower for many, but as I said I think 12bps is a good rate. And yes you do have to pay separately for the additional pods, but it does costs around $35, so it’s not like you’re adding up to $100 priced loader. It’s a reliable thing to have with less to none problems to be expected. Go for it if you can’t afford something from the high end loaders.