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Viewloader Revolution Force Loader


So the next one out of the Viewloader family is the Revolution Force Loader. Believe it or not this thing has some qualities you should know about even though you may think it’s a cheap piece of technology. So for those $30 you’ll have to pay for it you do get the promised 18 bps. And it does holds around 200 balls, although just like with many other loaders you may not want to fill it all the way up. It’s not the prettiest looking loader out there, but I’m sure there are people that’s gonna like it. It is indeed easy one to clean up and maintain and although it has its flaws I think it’s a great loader for beginner players. See its features:

•    18 BPS on marker feed rate
•    Jam free 6 blade force feed paddle
•    2 piece body design for easy cleaning and battery replacement
•    200 ball capacity
•    One 9 volt battery

So on the downside, the main thing people complain about is that the thingy lacks any sort of activation. Meaning that once the raceway and feedneck are full, the flexible impeller continues to spin and jostles balls around in the hopper. I’m pretty sure you see how with more fragile paint this can be a problem. And the other thing coming out of the constant spinning is the noise. You’ll get used to it eventually. Jams are usually not an issue with it, but you may wanna stock up with extra batteries as it tends to eat them too fast. And that’s about pretty much about it. Once again it’s not a bad loader, especially for the $30 you’re paying for it (that’s cheap). I think you’ll be happy with it.

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