Viewloader Quantum

So the Quantum is pretty much the disappointment in the Viewloader family. The thingy comes cheap – around $30 – but sometimes cheap is so not enough to attract people to get it. So when it comes to performance the Quantum is a full disappointment. First of it feeds the miserable 8bps (for a $30 loader that’s a miserable speed), then it holds only about 140 balls (on the positive side that does make it light and small, but still), it’s also very loud and jams are something you have to get used to. On the bright side – it is one strongly made loader (even the lid). So if you’re not totally disappointed by now here are the features for it and I’ll try again later:

“Viewloader introduces the all new VL Quantum electronic agitating feed loader. This 140 count electronic loader designed for the intermediate player features a spring-loaded flip cap lid, one touch operation, a feed rate up to 8 balls per second, and a high impact resistant shell. The new VL Quantum loader requires one 9 volt battery.”

The thingy uses batteries like crazy (nothing new here) and is really not the simplest thing to clean. You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you just save your money for something better. Or spend a little bit more and get a decent Viewloader loader. The Quantum is absolutely not worth that $30 and you’ll be the only one to blame if you decide to get it after you’ve read this review.