Viewloader Eye-force

So if you’re not too keen on the egg shape of the other Viewloader loaders this may be the solution for you. The Eye-Force not only looks different it also differs in performance – both in a good and in a bad way. The thing is capable of holding about 200 balls which is pretty good for most of the players. It’s also capable of feeding the advertised 20 bps. What’s different is that jams are not excluded. With the previous two loaders reviewed jams were not something to worry about, but here it’s a different situation. Fortunately you have the Auto Anti-Jam which does serve its purpose. The thing is somewhat quieter from the eVLution versions, but at the same time heavier than them. So here are the given specifications:
•    Eye activated force feed comes on only when marker is fired
•    20 BPS on marker feed rate
•    2 piece body design for easy cleaning and battery replacement
•    3 blade spring loaded force feed paddle
•    200 ball capacity
•    Instant Auto Anti-Jam
•    LED low battery indicator
•    Double vision system quickly recognizes dark or black shell paintballs as well as light shells
•    Two 9 volt batteries
The downsides of this loader start with the lid (it’s always the lid). People find it way too fragile and unreliable. It’s also a battery hog (just like the eVLutions), but that’s about all the downsides I can point out. It’s a great loader to have if you ask me. And for the price of around $75 you get amazing performance and great reliability. I can’t really say whether to go for the eVLutions or the Eye-force – they’re all good. Guess it’s all about how you feel for the shape. It’s up to you.