Ricochet 2K Ricochet-2k Hopper

The last of the Ricochet series is the Ricochet 2K. The thing is somewhat a good hopper and if you’re running a semi marker, this is the loader for you. It’s capable of around 12 bps which is pretty much the rate of all the Ricochets reviewed. It has the same design and we already commented that it does work sometimes and actually reflects a ball or two. What we have here that’s different is the LCD screen with the ball counter and timer function. It’s a feature half the players like and others just don’t pay attention to. Anyway here’s the manufacturer’s given information:

“The Ricochet-2k agitates with each ball fired, never leaving you without a ball to shoot! The Ricochet-2k operates on one 9 volt battery, and averages about 5000 shots for the battery life. This makes the Ricochet-2k one of the most economical paintball hopper’s on the market today.”

So about the ball counter and timer…people complain that the counter is not dead accurate, but it still does the job and if you’re a beginner it may really help you, at least till you learn to tell how many shots you’ve done. The timer is not something everybody needs, but still is a good feature. The battery life of the hopper is pretty good, but the LCD screen does affect it and you’ll definitely get a longer battery life with the AK for instance. The price can vary depending on the place you’re getting it. It can be as low as $60 and as high as $110, so it’s better if you check here and there before you go and buy it. If you do decide to get it though I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed of it. It’s a good hopper for a fair amount of money.