Ricochet 2K Ricochet G2K

The G2K is a gravity fed hopper, but one that people like very much. It is very strongly made and although it doesn’t look awesome (that’s my own personal opinion) at least it does the work it’s supposed to.  It too have the specific Ricochet shape and although it’s not always of a help there are those times that you may have one or two balls deflected. Since it is gravity fed you can’t really expect the thing to be fast. It manages to get some 6-7 bps, but you can’t really expect more. Jams do occur sometimes, so keep that in mind, too. Here are the features:
•    Heavy duty polycarbon construction
•    No spill top loading lid
•    Adjustable O-Ring neck
•    Patented deflection engineering
•    180 ball capacity
About the capacity…the thing really can hold the mentioned above 180 balls, but it’s not exactly recommendable to fill it up all the way. If you do the jamming problem increases dramatically. 130-140 balls will the most reasonable number if you really want a smoother game. Other than that the thing works just fine. You can get it for about $10 and I really have to say that of all the gravity fed hoppers out there this definitely makes it to the top three. Try it out and see for yourself. Even if you don’t like it it’s not like you’ve lost 100 bucks.