Mokal Aura

I can’t really call the Aura a great marker, but it’s a good one and since it’s so affordable I think it deserves some attention. The marker costs about $170 and you know you can’t expect much of such a cheap gun. The Aura is surprisingly good though. It’s relatively small, pretty light and very efficient. It’s also pretty durable and can take a fair amount of beating. It makes a great beginner’s marker until you’re ready to move to something better. It sure needs some upgrades though, like new barrel and maybe new grips, but that’s about it. For that price I think the gun really deserves some attention. Check out the features:


* Low pressure valve system that allows the Aura to operate at 150 psi
* Low force spring is easy on paintballs and allows the use of more fragile paint
* Lower mass internals resulting in reduced recoil
* Self lubricating delrin bolt with quick release pin for easy removal. Unique design prevents the paintball from rolling back into the bolt
* Sealed breach prevents gas from escaping into the feed tube
* Break beam ball sensor is located low in the breach to ensure the paintball has dropped completely into the breach before firing
* Dual spring loaded ball detents
* Integrated adjustable pressure regulator with built in swivel mounting
* Low profile clamping feed neck that accomodates all loaders
* Handle frame is equipped with a universal mounting system that allows you to connect dovetail and 3/4 inch pitch bottomlines or drop forwards
* On/Off bottom line with purging feature for easy tank removal
* 12 inch ported barrel – Cocker threads
* High pressure macroline hose
* Operates on CO2, Nitrogen, or compressed air
* Adjustable trigger with magnetic return
* Made from high grade 6061 aluminum
* Comes with all hex keys needed to repair the Aura, and a spare parts kit
* Firing modes: Semi up to 25 bps, 3 shot burst at 10 bps, full auto at 10bps. Two ramping modes. NPPL and PSP firing modes with tournament lock switch
* Adjustable rate of fire
* Convenient display of mode, eye function, and alarms through LED panel on the rear of the grip frame
* Weight: 2.4 lbs.

As I said you can’t expect it to be the great – mind that the Aura is somewhat loud, it also has a pretty weird trigger and produces a minor kick. There’s no on/off button and to turn it off you’ll have to completely take the battery out. Also there are not too many upgrades available. And maybe the biggest thing that I should warn you about is for the asa. When you unscrew the asa, be careful not turn it too far out or it will shred the oring from the blast of air (no spare o-rings are coming with the gun). Still everyone would agree that for $170 those things can be ignored. If you’re just getting into the paintball game this is a good gun to start with.