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Extreme Rage 20/20 Echo Paintball Goggles


There are some very conflicting opinions about those goggles, but most of the players give them good rates and classify them as above average. The goggles are not the best looking and I don’t think anyone will argue with me about that, but what’s really important is that they do what they’re supposed to do and they do it well. They come with a built in fan (removable for those of you who wonder), that helps a lot when it comes to fogging. If the lenses start fogging all you have to do is turn the fan on and you’ll get rid of the fogging. The down side of the fan is that it can be noisy at some point…bugging…just turn it off as a solution. The goggles are pretty well padded – there’s a lot of foam inside them…too much for some (if you have bigger head). If you have problem with the foam and it makes it difficult for you to breathe just cut some of it off, it will solve the problem right away. Features time:
• Non-slip strap – emblazoned with extreme Rage
• Smoked thermal lens – Hard coat, mirror finish
• Translucent faceplate – Bounce-friendly material
• Built-in motorized fan – Designed to eliminate fogging by forcing out humid air from inside the goggle
• Removable chinstrap
And if there’s a solution to the bugging things already mentioned the next one may be kinda difficult to overcome – the tilted lenses. They are ok if you play on daylight, but once the sun starts to set the problems start – you can literally stand in front of someone and not see him. The only way to fix this is to buy new clear lenses. And one more thing…on the bad side…if you have longer chin or if you wanna yell something to somebody you are getting pretty exposed as the mask is kinda short and will not cover the chin in situations like that. For the yelling it’s pretty easy – just tilt your head down a little bit or cover your chin with your hand and you’ll be ok, but if you just happen to have a longer chin I suggest you to look for some other mask. I know I listed quite some disadvantages, but as you see there’s a solution for every single one of them. That’s why I think the Extreme Rage 20/20 is a pretty good mask. Not to mention that it costs only $39.95. It comes in red and blue, but if you do some more searching you may be lucky and find it in another color. And one more time – this is a good mask and if you don’t have the money to buy some expensive one I don’t think you’ll regret getting it.

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