Kingman Java V-type Paintball Mask

Bad reviews are not something you usually get from me and it’s because the reviewed products are really pretty good. Still, this time, even though I tried to see the good side of these goggles, the review will be far from good. There are only two things that are good in those goggles – with them you get very wide field of vision and they are cheap. Other than that those are probably the worst goggles on the market. Starting with the looks – they are pretty wide and really does not look good when you put them on. But looks are the least problem you get with those. They are really uncomfortable, too – made from some crappy foam they easily irritate your skin. As to the protection they provide it is less to nothing – the part that should protect your cheeks is made of very thin rubber and you can barely count on it, the ear protection is simply not there, and after some time of use the lenses have the nasty habit of cracking in the middle so don’t count on those either. To keep going – although they’re described as no fogging ones they do fog…like crazy if I may add. Still here are the features for you:
• Dual anti-fog coating
• Smoke Lens
• Removable Visor
• Low profile design minimize target area
• Hed-Lok system
• Longer face guard for added protection
• Dual density foam for comfort
• Meets or exceeds all ATSM standards
I really tried to find more good features…I’m sorry but there are simply none. As to the cheap part – they cost only $24.94. Now you know why. Of course some of the problems mentioned above can be solved, but why bother…just go and spend some more money for a better mask. Still for those of you who insist on getting the Java V-type (if any) I have to mention that they come only in black. This time the saying that cheap things are usually crappy is totally true. The goggles are simply not worth your money.