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PCS 20/20 Thermal Paintball Goggles


There you go guys – our next addition to the paintball goggles reviews – the PCS 20/20. Luckily for you, contrary to the last ones reviewed, those thingies are pretty good ones. Although this may not be the best looking mask out there, it really performs wonderful. It actually resembles the Extreme Rage 20/20 Echo paintball mask very much, but it is somehow better than it. It definitely looks better than the Extreme Rage for start and it does not cause that much trouble. It, too, comes with built in fan which is great for the fogging problem, but this time the fan tends to be a quiet one so you can keep it on all the time without worrying for any noise (and if so happens that your fan is louder there’s a possibility where you can take it off and oil it a little bit – problem fixed). The lenses are pretty good ones, too, although there are better ones on the market right now, but they raise up the price quite a bit. The mask is comfortable, but again not the best one out there – yes, it is spacey and the foam is on the right places without squashing your face and suffocating you, but it may be a little heavy for some of you. Before I continue check the characteristics:
• Non-slip removable strap
• Smoked thermal lens – Hard coat, mirror finish
• Translucent faceplate – Bounce-friendly material
• Built-in motorized fan – Designed to eliminate fogging by forcing out humid air from inside the goggle
Basically the same as the Extreme Rage ones, but one more time – this one is better. Still, just like with the Extreme Rage goggles, the chin part can be a little short for some of you, so to remind you one more time –  if this is the case with you, you better take some cover before start yelling to your teammates. The price – it is higher compared to the Extreme Rage again. The PSC 20/20 cost $49.95 for the Jungle and Universal Camo styles and the Urban one costs $59.98. I can’t make you choose this one before all the others out there. I can only tell you it is worthy and then it’s again totally up to you whether you choose it or not.

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