Dye Invision 2006 I3 Thermal Paintball Goggles

This is the predecessor of the Dye I3 Pro so if you don’t like the previous one there’s no way you like this one, too. There’s a little bit of tendency forming with the products of Dye – the newer versions are not that much different from their predecessors – this is exactly the same case. The Dye I3 Pro differs just a little bit from this one. It is a little better but the main things are the same. I’m talking about comfort, venting, weight – they stay the same. The newest addition is the soft ears, which is a good change, but not like the old ones were bad. As to the style the I3 Pro is changed a little bit towards better I think, but the I3 looks good enough. Now I don’t know why, but there are not too many complains about fogging with this version, as there are with the I3 Pro. Anyways, check the features:
• The Dye patented Forward Tab Retention System (FTRS) is the most secure lens system available. It is the only lens-goggle application that features zero profile tabs with no extruding edges.Delivering safety and a clean looking style, the FTRS securely locks the lens into the frame under the most severe impacts.
• 2 stage foam is specifically designed to sheet sweat and moisture away from your face. Open and closed cell foam technology provides comfort and moisture wicking properties.
• The patented Invision3 Multi-Directional Venting will throw your voice farther and clearer than any other vented mask on the field. Utilizing precise blade angling and a proven venting configuration, the Invision3 Multi-Directional Venting will make communication with your teammates effortless, as if there were no vocal obstructions.
• Tri-Mold Soft Flex Technology offers various mask flexibility without sacrificing safety or performance. Utilizing a revolutionary process of co-molding, the Dye design team has developed a firm base frame, coupled with a very flexible facemask and patented venting system.
• Silicone is out, woven rubber is in. The Invision3 retention strap system needs to be adjusted once and once only. Designed to fit your head and stay that way, like it should. The elasticity of the woven rubber straps will out last the competition.
• Unilateral, audibly efficient ear protection, the Invision3 has a unique sound channeling design that offers unobstructed sound quality, providing three-dimensional hearing.
• The anatomically correct Invision3 mask system offers the best of comfort and performance for the player. Tested at twice the current ASTM
impact standards for safety. Good protection is the key.
• Low profile and removable, the Invision3 visor adjusts vertically to provide maximum shade for your eyes and protection for your forehead.
• The Invision’s compound radius lens gives the player the ultimate in vertical / horizontal peripheral vision and optical clarity. Setting the standard in visual performance, the dual-bowl lens design offers phenomenal visual performance.
• The Invision3 goggle frame is molded from tear-resistant polyurethane and is designed with maximum flow-through ventilation. Designed to be anatomically correct and low profile to your face, the Invision goggle frame is a first in the paintball industry.
• Combined with a secure goggle, the patented Multi-Directional Venting drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging. The Multi-Directional Venting also assists you with voice projection.
• Adjustable comfort chinstrap to secure goggle during active play.
Since this is the previous (older) Dye product it is only natural for it to be cheaper. The Dye I3 Pro goggles cost $59.98 which again is nowhere near the cheap goggles you can find out there. But performance comes at a price. And compared to the almost $100 you have to pay for the I3 Pro I think this is not a bad price. The mask is definitely worthy. The color choices are not that many, but there is a choice between red, green, blue and yellow. And that’s about it. I left you to decide for yourself whether you like the I3 Pro or not, I’ll do the same here. But I’ll tell you that for now the I3 is my choice over the Pro one.