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Dye C7 Men’s Paintball Jersey


So here’s the C7 review. I’ll start by confessing something – when I praise something in advance it often turns out to be disappointing. And I know that, but still I do it…so blame it on me that the C7 version is worse than the C6 if you want. Yes, it is. Guess something went wrong with the Dye desire to upgrade the C6 jersey. Not that the C7 is crappy (it still is much better than many of the jerseys on the market right now), but compared to the Dye C6 I just have to put it one place down. Dye kept the high level of durability and padding of the C6, but did wrong with the material change and the design change. Check the features before we continue:
• Dyetack, the surest way to grip your tank and steady your shot.  With a steadier shot you’re more likely to hit your target.
• 3D Logos – Double embroidered 3D sphere logos add style, and style is a key ingredient to looking good.
• Reinforced Elbow – Padding in the forearms and elbows.  Reducing injury means you can play harder
• Padded Collar – The C6 jersey features a new style of collar.  A double cross layered collar with slight padding.  It helps take the sting out of those annoying throat shots.
• More Venting – Highly breathable venting in critical heat zones.  This year there is layered mesh for style and protection.  Venting is important, it helps keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.
• High Back Cut – New high back design to prevent the jersey from getting tangled in your harness.  Offers a much more comfortable fit for all types of playing situations.
Nothing new in the features as you notice. I’ll start explaining what I meant with the reproach for the material and design now. So guess Dye have decided to try some new material – the C7 feels more nylon than the C6 which makes it stiffer when you put it one and some may find it more irritating to the skin. It is also double layered which kinda gets in the way of venting (but not that much as the sides are greatly vented). The new material does make it shiner, though and it looks better, but I put comfort first. As to the design – Dye changed the cuffs and made them very thin in width compared to last year’s model, now they feel weird and are just the right length to get hung up on the front of the jersey’s core elbow pads which is irritating, but it’s not a biggie. Another thing they’ve tried to better and failed is the armpit structure. The fabric that connects from the armpit to the side makes it kind of a pain to lift your arms upward without pulling your jersey up – again not a biggie, just irritating. The price is higher – which is normal as the model is newer – it costs $49.95. Other than that it’s a cool jersey and if you’ve got the other C7 equipment this is the one you should get. There is abundance of colors – black, olive green, blue, red and gold. And there are some LTD editions that differ only as a shade – Digi Camo, Icon, Mecca and Skull Camo. They cost $54.95, but are a real pleasure for the eye and guarantee you’ll gather the attention on the battlefield.  Still, if you’re not too much in matching completely your outfit I’ll advise you to stick with the C6 version.

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