Dye C8 Men’s Paintball Jersey

Of what I hear about the C8 it is better from the C7, but still players prefer the C6. So guess Dye decided too keep the new design, no matter it is worse than what they had with the C6, and work on it till they get rid of the flaws. But they didn’t, at least not in this version…hopefully they’ll manage for the other. The jersey does look better than any of its predecessors even that the design changes are small, but still the peak in Dye jerseys is with the C6. The C8 is even better padded and they’ve manage to get rid of the venting problem with the C7 as now the material is thinner, but still shinier. They’ve also changed the weird cuffs the C7 had and made them wider, but yet again the C6 ones were better. The problem with the armpit design stays, though. When you lift your hands upright there’s that irritating pulling again. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the sizing issue (sorry about that), but there is one – it’s recommended that you get one or even two sizes up from what you’re wearing this way the jersey feels baggier and gives you more freedom (it also solves the pulling issue to some extent). Dye added a thumb slot with hand padding which I think is very cool if you decide not to wear gloves, but for using that new feature you’ll need to get a bigger size jersey again. Check the features before I give you the price and colors:
• DYETACK – Patented DyeTack technology is a direct injection process that bonds to the material of the jersey. DyeTack is a durable polymer creating a friction point that stabilizes marker position. We invented DyeTack in 2002, since then we have perfected the level, position and density of DyeTack to ensure optimal tank stability.
• 3D CONTOUR PADDING – Giving protection a new definition, we introduce a first in paintball jerseys – 3D contour padding, utilizing responsive air foam. These segmented pads are contoured to the shape of the arms and shoulders, which means they are always in the proper position. No matter how you move, the pads move with you.
• VENTING – In today’s fast paced style of paintball, venting is critical. Our multi-mesh venting helps to channel heat away from the body. It works with your body’s natural cooling system, pushing heat out to the sides and under arms, and keeping the area around your chest cool. We have increased the venting channels on the forearm, shoulder and neckline. This results in exceptional airflow, delivering a jersey that truly breathes.
• GLOVE CUFFS – The cuffs on the C8 Jersey have been re-designed to provide more protection to the wrist and hand, while offering freedom of rotation. The new anti-abrasion wrist has a quilted, air foam back pad that protects the back of your hand when sliding; and the underside of the cuff extends to the center of the hand, providing protection to the base of your palm. The thumb-hole in the cuff secures the anti-abrasion wrist in place.
• COMFORT V-NECK COLLAR – The lightweight comfort v-neck collar features a tri-fiber construction. We use multi-density vented mesh, along with a 4-way stretch air-mesh to keep the player cool. The contoured panel assembly ensures that the jersey moves with you. The collar is secured with reinforced stitching, and the neckline is double layered for added comfort. Front Logo is 100% silkscreen.
• NO FADE SUBLIMATION – Our graphics are sublimated for a no fade style. This process ensures that the graphics stay crisp and clean.
• REINFORCED ELBOWS – For 08, we’ve increased the overall coverage of the elbow pads. The pads now start at the wrist and extend well past the elbows. Today’s game is more intense than ever, requiring fast moves and aggressive slides. By reducing injuries, you can stay more focused on winning.
It is much better than the C7 as you can see, but again the C6 is the one I’ll prefer. But if you insist on having the newest out there (I’ll understand you completely) you’ll have to be prepared to pay its price, which in our case is $64.95 – it’s not cheap, but it’s the newest. As to the colors – the same choice you had with the C7 but somehow duller (I think they look great) – black/grey, blue, red, olive green and gold. No limited editions here – at least not yet. So we’re gonna be waiting for the next Dye jersey addition and as I said earlier hopefully it will outdone those last two by far.