Dye C6 Men’s Paintball Jersey

Here’s another product for which we can say that Dye have outdone themselves with. Not to mention that there are now C7 and C8 versions that are somehow better (sounds impossible but let’s not forget that it’s Dye we’re talking about). From all the reviews I’ve done for Dye products you may be left with the impression that I’m a huge fan and think that that’s the reason for me not to point out any big disadvantages and always give absolute positive reviews, but that’s not true. The truth is Dye is probably the best brand in making paintball goods out on the market right now (closely followed by Empire, but still followed). And there’s only one way you can deny that – by being a Dye hater. If you’re neutral to all the brands available there’s no way you dislike or question the advantages of their products. But let’s get back to the C6 jersey – check its features:
•   Dyetack, the surest way to grip your tank and steady your shot.  With a steadier shot you’re more likely to hit your target.
• 3D Logos – Double embroidered 3D sphere logos add style, and style is a key ingredient to looking good.
• Reinforced Elbow – Padding in the forearms and elbows.  Reducing injury means you can play harder
• Padded Collar – The C6 jersey features a new style of collar.  A double cross layered collar with slight padding.  It helps take the sting out of those annoying throat shots.
• Micro Fiber Lens Cloth – For 2006 Dye has added a convenient and effective micro fiber lens cloth to the jersey.  The unique placement to the underside of the jersey prevents unwanted dirt and debris from jeopardizing the cloths effectiveness, and makes it extremely easy to use on the fly to clean your lens.
• More Venting – Highly breathable venting in critical heat zones.  This year there is layered mesh for style and protection.  Venting is important, it helps keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.
• High Back Cut – New high back design to prevent the jersey from getting tangled in your harness.  Offers a much more comfortable fit for all types of playing situations
 I’ve said that before (every time if I’m not mistaken) but this is a jersey that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It has great padding; it is light, breathable and extremely comfortable. It also looks awesome. Sounds just like every other jersey I’ve reviewed – but a little bit better, as it’s a Dye. It has something that many of the other shirts don’t – the lens cloth that is just a great add to the whole concept. The only thing some players are dissatisfied of are the vulnerable sides where the jersey has no padding, but to tell you the truth I don’t think I’ve stumbled on a jersey that has side padding yet. I’ll investigate this matter and report soon.  As to the price – with the introduction of C7 and C8 versions on the market you can find the jersey much cheaper than it was in the beginning – for $39.98. The colors you can find it in might be slightly reduced, though. What’s left is grey and red, but if you do some more digging you may find some blue available, too. What more can I say – Dye is the best choice in that business, but again it’s a matter of personal opinion and I don’t want to force mine. Still if you decide to try it, I’m sure you won’t regret it.