Tippmann A-5 4 Star Nitro Paintball Gun Package

The 4 Star Nitro package includes:
• 68/4500 Fiber Wrapped Nitro Tank (Java or PMI)
• JT Flex 7 Thermal Goggles
• Mad Dog Designz 4+3 Deluxe pack
• 4 Zephyrpaintball 140 round pods (colors may vary)
• 1 oz Maddog Drool Gun oil
• Dye Fuzzy stick barrel squeegee
• Zephyr paintball Barrel Condom
You can get it for the price of $439.99.

So those were the A-5 packages. Still if you’ve red the gun’s review you know about the difference in the trigger and the A-5 with response trigger. Tipmann has packages for it too. So if that’s your choice of gun check the options for a package you have: