SIM-5 Pro Elite Scenario Paintball Gun

Now this is one fine piece of machine gun. It’s the Pro version of the one below and has a lot of nice new features built in. What makes this gun a Pro paintball gun is:
• .68 caliber
• Navy style handguard
• Scope mount
• Red/Green dot scope
• High power taclight
• Silencer style barrel extension
• High flow bolt
• MP5 style cocking lever
• Powered by either CO2 or HPA
• Quick field stripping pins
• MP5 style safety
• Retractable shoulder stock
• Semi-automatic fire
• Included sling mounts
• Adjustable sights for windage and elevation
• Uses all standard hoppers (electronic recommended)
I do like the dot scope idea a lot even though it might not be that appealing to some shooters, however the materials that this gun is made of and the fact that it’s brand new on the market (2006), combined with the manufacturer makes it stand out from the other similar products in this class. If you can get your hands on one and live for paintball – don’t hesitate – the price is around $490 – $500 but you will surely love this addition to your paintball gun collection.