Sim 4 Elite Paintball Gun/Kit

OK moving on to the higher-priced items. The Sim-4 Elite Kit is one of the ultimate packages that even has laser sight. The gun is almost a real life copy of the M4 machine gun and features Adjustable Sights For Windage & Elevation, pressure sensitive trigger, sniper scope and many more features. The whole pack costs around $500 but that’s money well spent for the ultimate paintball fans out there. Each gun is manually assembled to ensure that you get the utmost satisfaction when firing at the enemy. The laser sight and adjustable sniper scope also help pinpoint the target and shoot accurately at a large distance.
So if any of you want a real M4 paintball rifle you can go for this one for sure. You will not be disappointed and further more this thing isn’t made of plastic that breaks, it’s smash/hit/bang proof so you don’t end up breaking it the first time you use it.