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SITE Inc. Stif-Stik


If you’re a Stiffi fan, but want something different than the base single colored barrel you should get he Stif-Stik. Performance-wise the thing is no different than Stiffi, it’s just the looks that make it better (for some of course…others will prefer the base colors). The Stif-Stik line is a patent-pending process where colors and designs and permanently impregnated directly into the carbon fiber. The barrel comes in 5 patterns: Patriot (American flag pattern), Z barrel (zebra striped), Camo green, Checkered, and Digi-cam Sage (digital camo [little squares]). This won’t be a performance review, because I don’t want to repeat myself. For those interested in how the barrel is doing read the previous review. I’ll give the characteristics though, just in case:

“SITE Inc., maker of the Stiffi barrel, has once again taken the paintball world by storm with its invention of the new carbon fiber patent-pending Stif-Stik barrel.

Available only at your local Stiffi dealer.
Designs are limited editions.
Weighs only 1.7 ounces: Lightest barrel in existence.
Patent-pending process creates a permanent molecular cohesion.
MicroJeweled bore “
Engineered with Stiffi’s famous aerospace quality processing
Proudly made in the USA.

There’s a little difference in the price of course, but nothing too major. The Stif-Stik costs about $110, which is basically 10 bucks more than a normal Stiffi. It’s up to you whether to pay that extra money and be different, or blend with the other Stiffi owners. Whatever your decision is it’s not a bad one. The barrel is worth every penny asked for it.

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