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Evil Minion Paintball Gun – Black

Evil Minion Paintball Gun

The evil minion paintball gun is one of the lightest guns on the market in the moment. It’s fast, quite and extremely accurate. Still its main supremacy over the other guns in the market is its weight. It’s so light even those with weak wrists won’t have any reason to complain about it. Still the other features are not something you want to skip. There they are:
• Matching two piece 12 inch Evilbarrel
• Clamping no rise feedneck
• Balanced on / off bottomline
• Low pressure bolt kit
• Adjustable trigger sensitivity
• Integrated slide rail
• Improved internal modular LPR
• In line air regulator
• 185 psi operating pressure
• Continuous three dimensional contoured body design
• New style Evil sticky grip
• Anti chop eye system
• LED program control
• Ergonomic 45 grip frame
• Evil puss lubricant
• Allen key set
• Spare parts kit
Some of you may think of it as too pricy. Costing $749.95 it is something not too many people can afford but if you can and you’ve decided to switch to something different you should definitely consider this gun as an option. It’s definitely worth the money. It also goes with a year warranty but the word is that you probably won’t need it. The gun performs really great and with proper maintenance it won’t cause you any problems for sure.

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