Evil Omen 2.0 Paintball Gun – Black

“Evil” is a company that manufactures mostly paintball accessories but take a look at one of the few guns they make. It is said to be steady, light and fast and for the price it goes it’s not something you wanna miss out. The gun comes in black and blue and has some really cool features. Check them out:
• New larger trigger frame
• Expanded LPC
• Dual LEDs
Aluminum/delrin bolt – true closed bolt function
• Expanded valve
• No rise feed neck
• ASA with gauge
• 1.5 cam arms – force feed compatible
• More precise and durable re-cock adjustment
• Adjustable, electronic double trigger interface
• Cam operated force feed, hence offset feed
• Independent recock / reload assembly
• Vertical regulator for velocity control and low pressure operation
• 9v rechargeable battery with AC and DC charger included
• One piece Driver barrel with two piece function – stiff arbor honed step bore barrel 0.690 ID first 6 inches then 0.697 remaining front
• Tournament legal tail
• Valve stem and stainless steel body
• Barrel threads same as Autococker and feed tube threads same as 2k3 Piranhas, Impulse, Shockers and Bushmasters
• 1.5 board – capable of 25+ bps
The blue version of this gun goes with PMI pure energy 68/3000 HPA tank for the price of $419.00 which is a pretty good deal considering that the black version goes for $199.99. Both prices are very affordable and if you want a good but cheap gun you definitely should consider this one. The gun also comes with a lifetime warranty which, you have to admit, is the best one you can get.