The new DM9 is here and of course it’s better than its predecessors. Although it looks the same as DM8 it’s actually a little bit smaller. It has a new trigger (you can adjust it in many ways), new ball detents and new board. It’s also a little bit better when it comes to air efficiency and has absolutely no kick. I know it’s not much change, but considering how great the DM8 is I think that’s plenty. So here’s my personal opinion – if you’re on the market for a new gun and you have the money to spend definitely go for the DM9 before the previous versions. Still if you own a DM8, DM7 or heck even the DM6 don’t bother upgrading. The + money you’ll spend are just not worthy. Here are the details:


With a host of new features, updates, and refinements, it continues the tradition of being one of the lightest, smallest, fastest and certainly the most accurate of paintball markers in the world.


•    The lightest DM Yet
•    Redesigned Smaller Body
•    New One Piece Eye Covers (Patent Pending)
•    DYE Ultralite Barrel As Standard
•    Hyper3 Reg
•    Low Operating Pressure, reducing Kick and Choppin
•    Internal Eye Sensor, No Eye Plates Needed
•    Hour glass UL Frame with Reach Trigger
•    Six New colors
•    Improved one-piece Fuse bolt
•    No Eye plates
•    New durable and super-flexible detents
•    Miniature modular internal LPR
•    Fully adjustable reach trigger
•    PSP, NPPL, Millennium, and NXL tournament legal software
•    Weighing in at 1lb-15oz the DM9 is 3oz lighter then it’s predecessor the DM8
•    New 3D body styling
•    Ergonomic Ultralight .45 grip frame
•    Ultralite Sticky3 grip
•    Two piece Dye 14″ Ultralite barrel
•    No rise lever lock clamping feedneck
•    Cast aluminum inset dye logo
•    Hyper3 reg
•    Super low operating pressure
•    On/off ASA

Of course there won’t be a negative paragraph here – the gun is near perfect. I just wonder what they’ll come up with next…it’s a challenge topping this gun.  And if the price of near $1350 doesn’t scare you go for it without any hesitation. There’s no way you’ll regret that decision.