Dye Matrix DMC Paintball Gun

The features of this paintball gun speak for itself. Its fast, it’s steady and it’s definitely a great product that delivers awesome results. With it you can shoot from every position and it won’t cause any problems. The price is something that can bother some of you but hey take a look at the features again:
• Pieces of the new DMC have been replaced with a new composite material, making it one of the lightest guns on the market. Weighs one ounce less than a DM5.
• Dye No Rise rubber feed neck provides a slip-on advantage of changing loaders on the fly while still being capable of holding the loader firmly on the gun.
• Rubberized material around the vertical adapter, allowing for greater control.
• All DMCs come in a Dye DM Marker Case!
• Accuracy at its finest, the standard ultralite 14″ barrel
• The DMC’s integrated on/off air supply allows you to de-gas your marker at any time
• Consistent air flow through the Hyper2 in-line air regulator
• Internal anti-chop eye sensing system provides trouble free high rate of fire
• The low 170 psi operating pressure provides smooth operating performance with less shot bounce
• Continuous 3 dimensional contoured body design boasts the elegant look of the DM5
• Completely adjustable trigger design allows you to customize your trigger position and refraction point. *Trigger rolling bearing inserts give trigger stability and smooth swing return.
• Lightweight compact body, length reduced by 1/2 inch
• DM5 Sticky3 grip is standard and provides an anatomically correct fit for your hand
• Ergonomic 45 frame provides the correct fit angle for trigger pull ease. Additional integrated dovetail and rear hook allows for easy carrying on and off the field
• Removable one-piece Fuse bolt system provides easy internal access and maintenance
• High intensity LED provides identification to program functions
• Modular internal LPR provides shot consistency and quality
• Will shoot as fast as your loader can feed
Again, the price of $699.95 shouldn’t have to bother you because you definitely won’t find something that good any cheaper. And you can get a variety of colors too. It comes in black, black and olive and black and yellow. It also has a 90 day warranty.