Dye DM7 Paintball Gun

The DM7 is the best product of the DMC Company and probably the best gun that is on the market in the moment. I guess that’s the reason the company to try and develop it as much as possible. The gun comes in many different colors like Black Dust, Black to Blue Dust Fade, Black to Cobalt Dust Fade, Black to Red Dust Fade, Blue Dust, Clear Dust, Olive Green Dust and Red Dust. It also has three special editions Olive Skull Camo, Icon and Desert Skulls Camo. Check out the features:
• The DM7 is everything you want the best paintball marker in the world to be: small, light, fast, accurate, and reliable.
• The DM7 is shorter and lighter than its predecessors, giving you more control to take your game to the next level. To achieve the new smaller size and weight, we’ve completely rebuilt the LPR in to a smaller package.
• The LPR and custom built solenoid work in harmony with the Fuse bolt design to allow the marker to operate at an astounding 145 psi.
• Lever Locking Feed Neck
• Revamped self cleaning eye system with new eye wires
• New 3D body styling.
• Ultralite frame
• 2 piece Ultra Lite barrel
After seeing the features you know why the colors are only an extra. But still it’s always nice to have a variety to choose from. The gun is pricy yes, it costs $1399.95, but it’s certainly worth its price.