Indian Creek Designs FS-7 Paintball Gun – Black

The FS-7 is another gun in the “ICD” arsenal but you won’t see another marker on the market which has a similar design. The goal of the “ICD” was to create one very unique marker and the FS-7 is just that. It’s quiet, accurate and very small. The gun comes with a brand new ICD board with full adjustments for Dwell, tournament modes and several other standard adjustments in order to keep players happy as most of them complain about the non adjustable board on the other freestyle guns. The other features include:
• Includes Predator Board
• Unlimited ROF
• Semi auto firing mode
• Clamping feed neck
• Thru-beam PDS
• Pro trigger with 4 modes of adjustment
• Quick field-strip bolt when degassed
• Extremely lightweight
• Easy battery replacement
• Ergonomically designed profile
• 3D contour milling
If you are looking for a very fast, accurate, and high quality marker then definitely check this out. And it’s not that expensive too. It costs $499.00. I’m not saying it’s the cheapest but for the performance it gives it’s definitely worth buying. It also comes in different colors: black, black and blue, black and red. And as I said in the previous review the “ICD” customer support is really good. So if you’re torn between this gun and something else my advice is –don’t even bother thinking, just go for it.