Inspire Paintball – Inspire Nano

The Inspire Nano is somewhat new on the paintball market I doubt many of the players ever heard of it. It’s hard to trust a new product, especially in a sport as competitive as this one, but in my opinion Inspire came up with a pretty good marker that I don’t think you’ll regret buying. The thing is very nice looking and ultra light. It makes a great marker for all the front players, but not just for them…it will work no matter your position. The Nano takes some getting used to, but it’s a reliable, accurate and efficient and I think you’ll like it. It’s a pretty simple marker, but exactly the simplicity makes it so good – there are fewer things that can go wrong. It’s worth mentioning that the thing comes stock with a carbon fiber barrel – a very nice feature that should help even more with the accuracy (as far as it depends on the marker). Take a look at the given features and we’ll move on:

– Low operating pressure (180 PSI) (HP or LP compatible)
– Lightweight 3D milled body (entire Marker weight with 14″ barrel is less than 800 gram)
– Magnetic on/off and clamping feed
– first ever Marker with stock Carbon Fiber barrel
– CF Barrel in 12″ , 14″ or 16″ configuration
– Standard 45 grip frame
– Millennium, PSP, NXL and NPPL fire modes
– Entire operating system utilizes only two (2) moving parts and six o-rings to give maximum dependability and ease of maintenance
– Easy access to bolt and assembly, only one (1) screw to remove
– Sleek Small Design

When you get the thing you’ll probably drool over it for a while and then rush to fire it, before you do that make sure you lube the o-rings again. They come lubed, but it’s far from the way they’re supposed to be. The one flaw I can find about this marker is the board, I can’t say it’s horrible (not at all); it’s actually nice for a regular player, but to be competitive you’ll probably need to change it. Other than that the marker is great. It’s nicely made, light, accurate and durable, what more do you need. It also comes at a normal price – you can get it for about $550, compared to the other markers out there this is not so bad. I like the thing; I think you’ll like it too. Sometimes it’s just a matter of jumping.