First Endeavor Paintball FEP Quest Paintball Gun

First Endeavor Paintball FEP Quest Paintball Gun

“FEP” has taken the best features of the high end tourney guns and put them into one Ultimate gun. The quest paintball is really easy to operate and maintain. It’s very light, accurate and quite. Something you would definitely expect paying all those money for it. It is said to perform perfectly and has absolutely no kick. Take a look of the list of features:
• Slider frame offers 2 positions for the player to choose from, a forward set of frame holes for the front player in mind, or a further back set for all the back players out there.
• Trigger guard is enlarged to fit any sized hands on the triggers sweet spot
• Spot Trigger comes fully adjustable and equipped with bearings and a magnetic return
• Capable of 23bps
• Will get up to 1500 shots out of a *68/4500psi N2 tank
• Autococker barrel threads
• Integrated snatch grip
• Programmable board including NXL, PSP, and standard semi-auto modes
• Clamping feed neck
• Breakbeam anti chop eyes
• 2 piece internal bolt/pin combo, making maintenance and repair a breeze
• Operates on 1 9 volt battery
• Height: 7.5 inches
• Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz. with barrel
• Operates on 220psi
• 14 inch .690 2 piece barrel with 7″ control bore
The gun comes in variety of colors such as black, dust grey, blue, black and red, dust olive and more it just depends where you’re shopping from. You can choose the one that fits you best. As I said it’s pricy. It goes around $599.99. But it’s the best one you can get for that price. Trust me it’s worthy. The “FEP” company went on a quest to design the perfect marker, and they have done it.

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