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Proto Matrix 08 SLG Paintball Gun


If you’re sick reading about all those expensive guns that you just can’t afford, let me introduce to you the PM SLG. You‘re not the only one that can’t afford a high-end marker and paintball companies know that – and since they’re trying to indulge everybody Proto decided to hit the market with the SLG. […]

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Proto Matrix PM8 Paintball Gun


If you own a PM7 and are looking for another gun, I say skip this review and go check some other brands. If you own a PM6, though and want to upgrade this is the gun you wanna get. I’ll explain. The PM8 is the newest Proto Matrix gun which is better than the PM7, […]

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Proto M7 Paintball Gun


  The Proto M7 is the next PMR gun. It’s not too much different from the PM6 but a little more upgraded which considering the fact that the PM6 is a great gun definitely comes as a bug plus. What’s different from the PM6 is that the PM7 is even shorter and lighter. Also the […]

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Proto Matrix 2006 Paintball Gun


Another Proto gun just this time no split minds about it. Seems like that in this version the company did a really good job as the gun is something you definitely wanna have on the field. It’s pinpoint accurate extremely light and performs really well. Even if you compare it to the DM6 it’s smaller, […]

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Proto Matrix Rail Special Edition Paintball Gun


  If you’ve read the previous comment about the Proto Matrix Rail paintball gun you know about the people’s opinion about it. Well I guess PMR decided that they wanna do something with those negative reviews they kept getting so they came up with the Proto Matrix Rail Special Edition paintball gun which is just […]

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Proto Matrix Rail Paintball Gun


The opinions about this gun vary form one end to another. Half the people love it, half of the hate it. The gun has its ups and downs. It’s said to be fast, light and pretty small but many of the people who bought it think it’s not really durable and you can’t rely on […]

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