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Torque Loader


Even though it’s new the Torque is one really high rated loader. People seem to like it very much and trust its performance and reliability. Just like given in the description below the loader is extremely light and durable one. Its screw-less design helps a lot with cleaning the thing, because there are no screw […]

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Empire Reloader II

So here’s the Reloader II review I promised. The differences with the Reloader Hopper are mainly in the body design. The shell is made even stronger so you don’t have to worry about it breaking up. The lid is now magnetized and you get a contained battery door so you won’t loose it. Other than […]

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Empire Reloader Hopper

So that’s from where it all began. You’ve seen how it evolved – first into Reloader II (you’ll get that review next time) then into Reloader B until it becomes the Reloader B2. There’s no point to compare the Reloader B and B2 with the original Reloader as they’re way ahead in their making, but […]

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Empire Reloader B2

It’s pretty obvious that the Empire Reloader B2 is the upgrade for the Reloader B. Not too many has changed, but there are some things I thought you should know about. As a start, the thing is way more sensitive than the regular B, and now you can use it with absolutely any kind of […]

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Empire Reloader B Night Loader

The Reloader B Night Loader is especially designed for those “glow in the dark” paintballs. There is a light inside the hopper that charges up the “glow in the dark” paintballs so that they glow as you shoot them. Its made mainly for people that play night games and like using that kind of paint. […]

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Empire Reloader B

The empire reloader is a very fast feeding hopper using force feed ways.This hopper has a given feed rate of 22+ and absolutely keeps up with it. It’s really an amazing thing to have and if you decide to get it you’ll absolutely love it. The loader is very reliable one. Rarely jams and causes […]

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