Tiberius Arms T9 Covert Paintball Gun

The T9 Covert is the basic for the T9 Elite which means the Elite is the upgraded version of the Covert. And you already have the review for the T9 elite so I really don’t wanna bore you with details. The Tiberius Arms are nice markers as a whole, very steady and reliable. There’s not much difference between any of T9s except for the upgrades they come with. Anyway see the features here:
• Custom vertical grip
• Bi-pod
• Side rails
• Mock silencer
• Sight riser
• Laser sight with push trigger
• Collapsible stock
• Magazine fed + hopper fed
• Includes hopper, magazine, and remote line adapters
So as you can see it’s pretty much the same. So if you want a simpler gun without all the upgrades or if you want to do the upgrading yourself get this one. If you want it already upgraded focus on the T9 Elite. The Covert is priced for $399.99 which is 80 bucks less than the Elite. It’s your call. My opinion is that whatever you get you won’t regret it. The guns are really worthy as I said not once or twice already.