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Tiberius Arms T9 Elite Paintball Gun


When we talk about the T9 we should start with what makes it so unique and that is its ability to convert from pistol to rifle. The T9 is basically the TAC-8 with a hopper port and rails added to the pistol frame. Its dual purpose makes it really useful in any game and especially if you’re a scenario player. Accuracy is one of it its big strengths both in pistol and rifle mode. And if you think that when turning it into an rifle and add those 12+ inches to your trajectory its accuracy will definitely be lowered you’re completely wrong. The gun keeps performing as well as the pistol and you won’t be disappointed of it for sure. Check the features before we continue this review.
• Rifle and pistol in one
• Accurate straight rifling
• Built in regulator
• Fixed air chamber
• Red DDT scope
• Sight riser
• Bi-pod
• Side rails
• Custom vertical grip
• Laser sight with push trigger
• Collapsible stock
• Mock suppressor
• Tactical flash light with push pad trigger
• Includes hopper, magazine, and remote line adapters
• Designed and built in the USA
The optics of the gun are also great and come in really handy when using it as a rifle. And it’s really easy to maintain…after some practice it turns into a child game. Some people complain that the gun is loud…well that’s true, but it’s not much louder than the others in its category. Another irritating thing some of the players complain about and point out as a weakness is that you are limited to 8 shots a mag, which is definitely not enough if you like to shoot like crazy. But if you try to aim sometimes and not just waist paint you’ll notice that 8 shots can be pretty good of a deal. And one more good thing here for all of you left-handed players – the gun is probably one of the few markers on the market that is really left-handed friendly. As to the price the gun costs $479.99 which is not cheap but it’s definitely worthy. You so won’t regret buying it once you get it on the field and start shooting.

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