Tiberius Arms Tiberius 8 Pistol Paintball Gun

Now here’s something you must definitely have in your arsenal if you wanna call yourself a real player. The Tag 8 is one of the best paintball pistols out on the market. Some of it strengths are that it has really good air efficiency and its magazine system is definitely great. The mags are heavy but it’s because they are not some plastic fragile junks but really well built reliable pieces of equipment. The construction of the pistol is solid metal and polymer which makes it heavy but it’s really well balanced and steady. It’s powerful, accurate and it definitely looks good. Check the features:
• Highly accurate with an advanced regulator
• Adjustable velocity of 250-350+fps
• Effective range: 75 feet
• Maximum range: 150 feet
• Consistent performance under all weather conditions and under rapid fire
• Quick release barrel for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Innovative resealing CO2 system
• 8 round magazine fed system
• Package includes pistol, 1 magazine, and 1 hardcover carrying case
So there’s really not much to complain about the gun. Again for some of you the weight may be a flaw but others find it as an advantage. And here’s an advice for you…you may wanna hold the gun before you buy it because it’s pretty big and has a large grip frame and if you have small hands it may feel uncomfortable. On the other hand if you have big hands don’t hesitate. And if you’re gonna use the gun only as a backup get one extra mag but if you’re gonna use it as a primary weapon you may wanna stock with 3-4 mags as the one mag contains only 8 paintballs. And if you don’t have any extra mags it may take a while for the reload. The gun has Clip release button for both left hand and right one which makes it comfortable no matter which hand you are using. It comes in 3 colors – black, silver and black/silver. It’s priced for $239.99 which is not cheap but as I said in the beginning it’s something you must and wanna have.