Tiberius Arms T9 Pro Paintball Gun

There’s nothing too much different to review here as this is the same gun as the T9 Ranger just Tiberius made some upgrades for you and save you the time to do it yourself. Overall the gun has the same advantages and disadvantages of the T9 Ranger so I’m not gonna repeat myself and I’ll just add the upgrades, which are the sight riser and the laser sight with push trigger. So it’s really nothing that you can’t upgrade yourself but why wonder what to buy when you can get it ready. Anyway I’ll give you the features again:
• Custom vertical grip
• Sight riser
• Laser sight with push trigger
• Collapsible stock
• Magazine fed + hopper fed
• Includes hopper, magazine, and remote line adapters
So the total upgrade cost id around 50 bucks so the gun itself is priced for $349.99. not too bad again considering that upgrading it yourself will probably cost more when you include the additional part shipping. Oh, and there’s something I don’t think I mentioned in the other upgrade – the customer service. No matter how many reviews you read about Tiberius the customer service is always put as one of the biggest advantages. So if you ever have any problems or questions don’t hesitate to call.