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Empire Contact 07 Paintball Jersey


Here’s the other member in the 07 Empire collection – the Contact 07. If you’ve read the pants reviews you’ll know that differences between the two of them are not that big. Here’s the same thing. The contact 07 is a maybe a little bit better than the React, but just a little bit. The Contact 07 is again a great jersey matching perfectly the other Contact 07 apparel. It is again very well padded on the elbows and shoulders that are most exposed during play. It’s vented pretty well and keeps you cool in the hot days. It’s also pretty durable, which you know is one of the most important things. It’s light and comfortable. Check its features:
• Reinforced warrior pad zones. The contact jersey covers paintball specific zones with a light layer of cushion when you are in the actual shooting/playing position. Your outer wrist and deltoid are most exposed in game situations so that’s what we’ve protected.
• Bottle Grips? Silicone Empire logos on the shoulders and arms.
• Micro-ribbed cuffs to easily slip over your ventz elbow pads and gloves
• 4-way stretch for a full range of motion
• High output mesh venting on the chest and under arms. Being hot and uncomfortable is nobodies’ idea of fun. We vent the hot zones for you, you just worry about winning
• Besides looking phenomenal, they make you play better, get good grades in school, shoot faster and get more chicks
• Silicone Screened Empire Logo on the tail of the jersey to help grip your harness and keep it in place
So as I said they don’t differ much from one another. Just some small features, the price and the colors. The features we already went through, the colors are: black, blue, red and digi camo, but the price kinda puzzles me as the blue and red one cost $39.00 and the black and digi camo $49.98. I have no idea why, but if you’re a blue or red lover don’t wait till you find out, it may be too late.

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