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Empire React 07 Paintball Jersey


Every player knows how important the gear is for the paintball game. It’s important not only for safety reasons, but also for looks and boosting up your play. That’s why it is so important to have a good gear. Usually when you buy clothing you match the brands (on rare occasions when brands don’t make certain piece of clothing you want to get, you can mix them, but you get the ultimate look when complementing things using only one brand name). Now that we went through the most popular paintball pants, it’s time to move on to the jerseys, starting with the Empire React 07. The jersey is no worse than the pants of the same collection. It’s one of the best one the market, being all the things you expect from a good jersey – very light, greatly padded on the elbows and shoulder area and very breathable. See its features:
• Built in reinforced elbow pads. We know you play hard and we respect that.
• High output mesh venting on the chest and under arms. Being hot and uncomfortable is nobodies’ idea of fun. We vent the hot zones for you, you just worry about winning
• Reinforced padding around the high impact shoulder area
• 4-way stretch for a full range of motion
• Moisture wicking material sewn into the jersey under the arms and chest
• Silicone Screened Logo on the tail of the jersey to help grip your harness and keep it in place
• Micro-ribbed cuffs to easily slip over your ventz elbow pads and gloves
The jersey is the perfect match to the Empire React 07 pants. You just can’t have the one and not get the other. It comes in the exact same colors – red, grey and blue and you can have it for $39.98. It’s a great price for a great jersey.

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