06 Ion Pro Paintball Gun

No matter how many reviews you read about this gun you won’t find anyone complaining about it. The gun is a real treasure. It has the standard Smart part features but is upgraded form the company that got rid of the most of the problems in the Ion gun. After the upgrade the gun deserves a perfect ten on the scale. It’s extremely good looking very fast, quite and light. And probably the best part in the complete picture is the price which is only $279.99. You can rarely find that great of a gun under $300. check the features:

• 17 balls per second semi-auto rate of fire with 3 shot burst, full auto and our Rebound firing mode.
• Break-beam Vision Anti-Chop System Reliable and durable, the eyes are mounted on a separate board for perfect alignment and not affected by paint or body color. *Reliability The Ion was engineered to stand up to the demands of professional players. It will outlast what used to be considered high-end and won’t break down the minute you get it home.
• Improved Ball Detents Approximately 10 times the service life of current detents.
• Great Efficiency Expect a reliable 1000-1400 shots from a 68ci, 4500psi bottle without any modifications.
• Accuracy & Range The trademarks you expect from Smart Parts.
• Body Kits A first for paintball. High-quality aluminum internals are protected by composite shells, allowing you to instantly change the color or look of your body. Tired of blue? Switch to red. Or black. Or yellow. And there are more body styles in the works.
• Feed Tube with O-Ring Seals Fits a wider range of hoppers than most guns in this price range.
• Tools 1/8″ Allen wrench is all you need for primary disassembly–and it’s included, along with trigger and velocity adjustment wrenches and a handy parts kit.
• Impulse Threads Take advantage of the barrels and feed tubes you may already have.
And the upgrades:
• Q-Lock Locking Feed Neck (installed)
• Smart Parts Grips (installed)
• Shocker Style Mini Drop with Twist On/Off Valve (installed)
• Freak Jr Barrel with Jr. Tip and .693 Insert Freak Back (installed)
For that price you can’t even ask for more. The only thing they haven’t changed is the trigger that most people complain. Yes it’s a little bit wobbly but it’s really not that big of a deal. Ions are great guns as a whole so there’s not a single reason why not to get one. The varieties of colors you can chose from are: olive green, blue, red, silver, black and for all the girls out there…pink. And the gun comes with 90 days of warranty which is great as Smart Parts has a really good customer support so if you ever experience any problems with the gun just give them a call.