Smart Parts Dynasty Ion Paintball Gun

If we wanna keep this review short there’s only one thing to say…the dynasty ion is simply one really good gun. It’s basically a normal Ion but in a dynasty body. So if you like Ion guns this is something you don’t wanna miss for at least a try out. It looks really good and if you’ve read any of the Ion reviews you know its strengths already. It’s extremely accurate (well if you’re a lousy shooter don’t expect a miracle), it’s fast and you can definitely rely on it. Now the features part:

• Dynasty body kit, Q-Lok feed neck, and All American barrel installed!
• Ultra fast rate of fire – 17 bps in semi auto and rebound modes, and 10 bps in 3 shot burst or full auto modes.
• Extremely lightweight – weighs in at just 2.2 lbs.
• Break-beam Vision eyes – shoot up to 17 shots per second without ever chopping paint
• Interchangeable Body Kits – Instantly change the color of the Ion’s body with 4 different composite shells
• Adjustable trigger – shorten the trigger pull without ever taking the Ion apart. Full adjustable forward and back travel to customize the trigger exactly how you want it.
• 9 volt battery operation – easy to find and replace 9 volt batteries. No more expensive battery packs. One 9 volt battery is included. Does not come with charger.
• Easy disassembly – One 1/8″ Allen wrench (included) is all you need to disassemble the Ion
• Durable ball detents – last 10 times as long as current ball detents
• Gas efficient – get between 1000 to 1400 shots from a 68ci 4500psi fill
• Impulse 11 inch barrel and Impulse feedneck threads.
• Includes barrel cover and parts kit
Now the weaknesses which I don’t think are gonna be a surprise if (once again) you have read an Ion review before…the main weakness continues to be the trigger – wiggly and unsteady, and some people are complaining about the air efficiency (this is rare though). And I rarely put colors as a flow but this one comes only in black, silver and pewter so decide if it’s a flow for yourself. Anyway those are all the bad things I can think about and you have to admit it’s nothing that serious…just some simple upgrades. And I know nobody likes upgrades cause it adds up to the price but the gun costs only $324.99 so I highly doubt you’ll find a perfect gun for that price.  Once again to keep it short…give the gun a chance…you’re simply gonna fall for it.