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Paintball Pants

Proto 08 Men’s Paintball Pants


Here’s the next generation of Proto pants – the Proto 08. I know it is gonna sound like something you’ve already heard but Proto 08 is absolute copy of Proto 07 except for the design. It’s not the first brand that’s doing it and it’s not gonna be the last by my personal opinion is […]

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Proto 07 Men’s Paintball Pants


Here are some pants that bring up quite contradictory opinions about them. Some players like them big time, some wish that they’ve never have bought them. Overall they all agree for one thing – the pants do look hot. They have awesome design and will certainly give you some extra style points. But other than […]

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Eclipse ETek 07 Men’s Paintball Pants


Here’s a cheaper model of Planet Eclipse pants collection – the Eclipse ETek 07. Although they are not that great like the Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 pants they do deserve reviewing. And the “not that great” statement doesn’t mean I consider them some sort of bad pants…not at all, they too deserve to be put […]

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Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 Men’s Paintball Pants

Now those are some good looking pants. Not every company dares to use white in their models and if you ask me the black and white is probably the best looking combination. If it wasn’t for the staining issue I’m so calling the Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 pants the best looking pants on the market…better […]

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JT Team Men’s Paintball Pants


Those are pants worth comparing to Dye and Empire. If we talk about good pants like Dye ones and Empire ones we know we’re talking about good high prices as well. But sometimes there is a product that can also be called good, but at the same time comes on a reasonable price. JT Team […]

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Empire Invert 2008 SE Paintball Pants


Now here’s what’s supposed to be the Invert SS upgraded version (I’m sure you’ve heard that before, trust me there’s a reason for that). I’m sorry to tell you but what they changed here is only the design and the price. Unfortunately for them that means two points down – one for the screw up […]

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Empire Invert SS Men’s Paintball Pants


Here’s another brand making good paintball pants. Invert brand (if you haven’t noticed) is under the guise of Empire. This is why their products are so similar to each other. There are some differences of course (mainly in the price), but usually the products are as similar as possible. It’s no excuse here. The Invert […]

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Evil 06 Men’s Paintball Pants


Evil 06 get great reviews with hardly any complain about them. Still there is another version out the 07 and even though it is considered slightly worse the 06 may be kinda hard to find already. Which is unfortunate as these are a great pants. They are strongly made and less likely to fall apart […]

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Empire 2008 Contact SE Paintball Pants


Here comes the time for the newest in the Empire pants collection. The Contact SE 08 pants are basically an upgrade of the Contact 07. The differences are not much, actually if I understood correctly by reading the features it is only one big difference and this is a padded lumbar and rear panel. It’s […]

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Empire Contact 07 Paintball Pants


  So as promised here’s the review for the Empire Contact 07 pants. Compared to the Contact 06 edition those are a little bit updated and a little bit better looking, but if I have to compare the looks to the React 07 I stuck with the React. It’s my personal opinion, but the React […]

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Empire React 07 Paintball Pants


So much better looking than the Empire React 06 and even more upgraded than them – I don’t think there’s anything else to be desired from the Empire React 07. We are gonna talk about the Empire Contact 07 and 08 later on and compare differences, but for now let’s focus on those ones. They […]

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Dye C8 Men’s Paintball Pants


Those are the latest and greatest in the Dye paintball pants collection. They are basically an upgraded version of the C7 (obviously they are upgradeable). They possess absolutely every one of the C7 characteristics minus the weight issue some people were complaining about. Another thing Dye altered a little bit is the design…there are slightly […]

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Dye C7 Men’s Paintball Pants


Now here’s the next Dye paintball pants generation – the C7. With those everything that lacked on the C6 version has been taken care of and a new stuff had been added for even better protection and comfort. The C6 version was a little weak on the knee padding, but here this problem has been […]

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Dye C6 Men’s Paintball Pants


Paintball pants. There’s no complete outfit if those are not present. And if you want the best out there you should think about getting Dye ones. The C6 paintball pants are one of the highest rated pants on the market right now, and I say “one of the” because there are also C7 and C8 […]

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