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Paintball Jerseys

Proto 08 Men’s Paintball Jersey


This is the last one of the Proto jerseys for now. As it is obvious by the name it carries this is the newer type of the 07 and 06 Proto jerseys. Both 07 and 06 were great – this is actually a combination between the two. Especially when it comes to design. They got […]

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Proto 07 Men’s Paintball Jersey


Yes, the Proto 07 is as similar to the Dye C7 as the 06 was to C6. The thing here that surprises me is that players don’t complain about anything connected with the shirt. And if you remember the Dye C7 got a lot of crappy reviews compared to its predecessor – the C6. Well […]

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Proto 06 Men’s Paintball Jersey


Not too many people know but Proto is a company owned by Dye. That’s the reason the Proto products are so similar to the Dye ones – which of course is nothing but a plus. The Proto 06 differ just a little bit from the Dye C6 – it is extremely good shirt. It is […]

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JT Team 07 Men’s Paintball Jersey


This is not one of the best looking jerseys I’ve seen. It looks more like a sweater to me, kinda ugly one. And it’s not only the design of the JT Team 07 that I don’t like. There is actually nothing special in it at all. Not that the other jerseys are special, but at […]

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Tippmann Paintball Fusion Battle Jersey


This is a jersey made for woodsball play. Its digi camo pattern makes it very useful when you’re trying to stay invisible. It’s gonna be kinda weird f you decide to wear it for something other than woodsball, but if you like it why not. Besides its pattern it is also pretty well equipped for […]

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Smart Parts Defender Men’s Paintball Jersey


Guess there was a reason for the Fighter 03 to be lacking that padding everyone’s so persistent about. And the reason should be the Defender jersey – another jersey in the Smart Parts collection. The Defender is something like an upgrade for the Fighter 3 although it’s not continuing the name. It has similar design, […]

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Smart Parts Fighter 3 Men’s Paintball Jersey


And if the Eclipse Distortion 08 jersey was between the priciest jerseys out there, the Fighter 3 definitely keeps the low end of that list. This time like just a few others I’m gonna start with the price – the Fighter 3 costs only $24.95, but is indeed a good jersey to play with. It […]

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Eclipse Distortion 08 Men’s Paintball Jersey


Now that’s a design I can call really good one. Not that the Distortion 07 one was that bad, but as I said it was a little bit colorful for me. This one however keeps the main design accents (like logos and imprints), but with the use of darker colors kinda dull things out, making […]

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Planet Eclipse Distortion 07 Paintball Jersey


The Distortion 07 jersey can fairly compete with both Dye and Empire jerseys. It is one really well made product, but who doubt that since we’re talking about Planet Eclipse. The jersey is well designed although it’s a little too colorful for me, but again the personal opinion plays a big role here. Many people […]

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Empire Invert 2008 SE Paintball Jersey


If you’ve read the Empire Invert pants reviews you probably already know what my opinion to the Invert 08 SE jersey is. Again this is supposed to be some upgraded version of the Invert SS, but just like with the pants the only thing they’ve changes is the design. Oh yes, and the price, too. […]

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Empire Invert SS Men’s Paintball Jersey


The Invert SS is a nice jersey for even a nicer price. It looks really good and for the price you pay you get a pretty good jersey although there are better ones out there. The Invert SS just like every other jersey out there is padded on the elbows, shoulders and your stomach area, […]

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Hybrid Contract Killer Men’s Paintball Jersey


The Hybrid killer much resembles the Dye C6 jersey we’re gonna talk about very soon. Just by mentioning Dye you should know that it’s a product adored by the players, especially when I tell you that it’s cheaper than the Dye C6 jersey. The Hybrid jersey looks nice although it’s way too colorful for my […]

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Evil 06 Men’s Paintball Jersey


The Evil 06 gets great reviews from the players that use it. It’s not some expensive jersey, but it is said to be as good as the more expensive ones. It looks really good and according to them is also very comfortable. It is padded on the elbows and the shoulders so you can take […]

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Dye C8 Men’s Paintball Jersey


Of what I hear about the C8 it is better from the C7, but still players prefer the C6. So guess Dye decided too keep the new design, no matter it is worse than what they had with the C6, and work on it till they get rid of the flaws. But they didn’t, at […]

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Dye C7 Men’s Paintball Jersey


So here’s the C7 review. I’ll start by confessing something – when I praise something in advance it often turns out to be disappointing. And I know that, but still I do it…so blame it on me that the C7 version is worse than the C6 if you want. Yes, it is. Guess something went […]

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Dye C6 Men’s Paintball Jersey


Here’s another product for which we can say that Dye have outdone themselves with. Not to mention that there are now C7 and C8 versions that are somehow better (sounds impossible but let’s not forget that it’s Dye we’re talking about). From all the reviews I’ve done for Dye products you may be left with […]

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Empire 2008 Contact SE Paintball Jersey


That’s the latest Empire edition – The Contact 08 SE jersey. It is, as you already know, the attempt to upgrade the Contact 07 one. Have they succeeded or just like with the pants they only added up something little and boost up the price a lot. Guess you have to see the jersey features […]

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Empire Contact 07 Paintball Jersey


Here’s the other member in the 07 Empire collection – the Contact 07. If you’ve read the pants reviews you’ll know that differences between the two of them are not that big. Here’s the same thing. The contact 07 is a maybe a little bit better than the React, but just a little bit. The […]

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Empire React 07 Paintball Jersey


Every player knows how important the gear is for the paintball game. It’s important not only for safety reasons, but also for looks and boosting up your play. That’s why it is so important to have a good gear. Usually when you buy clothing you match the brands (on rare occasions when brands don’t make […]

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