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Paintball gloves

Hybrid Hate Heaters Arm Band

You may not be a glove fan, but one the cold days arrive you’re gonna need some protection for your arms. So you think “either get some gloves or wait for the next summer to play paintball again” is the only solution, but it’s not. The other things you can use are the so called […]

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Redz Envy 06 Men’s Paintball Gloves


Redz may not be the most popular brand on the market, but that for sure doesn’t mean that their products are not worthy. The Envy 06 Gloves are actually relatively good ones when compared to the leading brands. Well, we certainly can’t put them in the top 5, but we’ve certainly seen worse performance and […]

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Proto 07 Men’s Paintball Gloves


We’re moving to the next generation of Proto paintball gloves – Proto 07. In contrast with their predecessors those are somehow different from the Dye C7, and mainly in style point of view. They too look awesome just like the Proto 06 and the Dye models. Being the next generation makes it quite obvious that […]

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Proto 06 Men’s Paintball Gloves


I have good news for those of you who like Dye products, but find them a little bit too expensive. Proto products can be a great substitute. Proto 06 gloves are a great example. They are almost the same as the Dye C6, just cheaper. Of course there are differences and we can’t argue that […]

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JT Pro Series 05 Paintball Gloves


We are moving to the next brand of paintball gloves – the JT and their Pro Series 05. JT are known of making good paintball products and the Pro series 05 gloves are not a difference. The one thing you notice first for those gloves is their price. They come very cheap when compared to […]

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Empire Invert SE 2008 Paintball Gloves


Remember the Empire 08 Contact SE. Did you even for a moment thought that there won’t be an Invert 08 SE edition? But of course there is. Should I talk about the similarities between the two brands again? Actually the Invert SE 08 resemble more the Empire React 07 features (or should I say copy […]

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Empire Invert SS Men’s Paintball Gloves


Invert being an Empire inheritor followed their lead in the glove making. Basically they took all the good stuff from the Empire gloves and transferred them into their own. The only difference I find between the Invert and Empire gloves is the appearance. The knuckle modification is all the same, the padding is all the […]

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Empire Contact 08 LTD Paintball Gloves


We’ve already talked about the Empire Contact 08 SE, but what I’m gonna show you now is something just a few of you can get their hands at. I’m talking about the Empire Contact 08 LTD paintball gloves. After hearing all of the superlatives about the Contact 08 SE I guess it’s only waste of […]

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Empire 2008 Contact SE Paintball Gloves


This is the next series in the Empire gloves family. Fortunately for you the Empire have decided to get rid of the ugly brown part on the palm of the Contact 07 model and took a little bit of the React 07 design, achieving a perfect design combination. The Contact 08 looks so much better […]

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Empire React 07 Paintball Gloves


If you ask me what’s the difference between these gloves and the Empire Contact 07 it’s easy – style and nothing more. The gloves are absolutely identical. This is somehow good cause if you’ve read the previous review you’ve noticed that style was the thing ruining the whole idea of the Empire Compact 07. Guess […]

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Empire Contact 07 Paintball Gloves


As we move to the next brand of gloves you see how much the appearance change. Now if we have to compare appearance I’m so not charmed by this one. The brown in the palm of your hand is quite out of place and looks kinda pretty bad according to me…but hey, different people, different […]

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Dye C7 Men’s Paintball Gloves


After the Dye C6 this is the next generation of the Dye gloves – the C7. Since the C6 are a great gloves to have you would expect the C7 to be even better. And they are. Not by much as if you’ve read the previous review you know how few weaknesses the C6 had, […]

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Dye C6 Men’s Paintball Gloves


Gloves are just a small part from all the gear you have to have before going to the paintball playing field. You know there is plenty of choice on the market, but when it comes to paintball products you can’t deny Dye is a name with traditions in this field. Gloves like all their other […]

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