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Paintball Goggles

JT Spectra Thermal Replacement Goggle Lenses


Even though the lenses that come with most of the JT masks are good one it happens that they at some point (after a direct hit for instance) break. Or if you’re playing under really extreme condition they can sometimes fog. Something like that can ruin your day of play completely, especially if you don’t […]

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JT ProFlex Thermal Paintball Goggles


Now this is the real Flex-7 upgrade. This time all the things that should’ve been done are done and the final product is amazing – when speaking about the performance anyway as the design, although slightly different from the Flex-7, still makes the mask looks dull and boring. But other than that, whatever people were […]

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JT ProFlex 8 Thermal Paintball Goggles


So here’s the Flex-7 “upgrade”. Well, actually it is an upgrade, but one that people tend to like less (if that makes sense). So they took the Flex-7, paid attention to what people don’t like about it and tried to change it. That’s the reason why the design looks so much better. Believe it or […]

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JT Flex-7 Thermal Paintball Goggles


Although JT Flex-7 Thermal is not the latest JT goggles they definitely deserve your attention. This is not one of the prettiest masks on the market, but looks are not everything and JT Flex-7 is doing its job (to protect you from those nasty head shots) perfectly. It is one comfortable mask that’s not gonna […]

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Proto Axis Thermal Paintball Goggles


The Proto Axis is what should be the Proto Switch S.F upgrade. But there comes a moment when companies do a great mask and when trying to upgrade it all they do is change the design a little bit and if there are some complains on the previous model do some work there. There were […]

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Proto Switch F.S. Thermal Paintball Goggles


  No paintball mask is perfect, but this one gets pretty damn close. it is not that much different than the previous one reviewed judging by the given features, but there are some major differences which take its performance on a higher level. The main difference is that the thing is not made as one-piece […]

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Proto Switch E.L. Anti Fog Single Paintball Goggle


The Proto Switch E.L is one of the cheapest masks on the market. It costs only $29.95, but don’t be fooled by the price and consider it cheap crap – the mask is actually pretty good. It performs very well and although it doesn’t look awesome it’s not some ugly thing. And now that we […]

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Empire Helix Thermal Goggles


This is the cheapest goggles in the Empire menu and surprisingly they get better reviews than the Cylus ones. Actually this is something very different than the Cylus and its inheritors. The Helix is a hard plastic mask and has absolutely no rubber features like the other ones presented. Many people like it as being […]

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Empire Vents Cylus Goggle


This is actually the first of the Empire Vents goggles series. Only by saying that you have to guess that the previous two goggles reviewed are much better ones. But it all has to start from somewhere and in this case it starts with the Cylus. For the time those were very good goggles no […]

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Vents Avatar Thermal Paintball Goggles


The Avatar is the predecessor of the E-Vents goggles, and as I was thinking there are not too many differences between the two of them. The E-Vents are an upgrade of course so they are better, but not by much. The Avatar mask is pretty good one, too. It possesses most of the advantages of […]

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Empire Vents Event Thermal Paintball Goggles


  The time has come for the Empire goggles reviews and I’m gonna start with the latest and greatest – the E-Vents paintball goggles. I really don’t like starting with the newest stuff cause it makes the old ones look kinda dull, but anyways. So about the E-vents – this is probably the first time […]

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PCS 20/20 Thermal Paintball Goggles


There you go guys – our next addition to the paintball goggles reviews – the PCS 20/20. Luckily for you, contrary to the last ones reviewed, those thingies are pretty good ones. Although this may not be the best looking mask out there, it really performs wonderful. It actually resembles the Extreme Rage 20/20 Echo […]

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Kingman Java V-type Paintball Mask


Bad reviews are not something you usually get from me and it’s because the reviewed products are really pretty good. Still, this time, even though I tried to see the good side of these goggles, the review will be far from good. There are only two things that are good in those goggles – with […]

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Extreme Rage 20/20 Echo Paintball Goggles


There are some very conflicting opinions about those goggles, but most of the players give them good rates and classify them as above average. The goggles are not the best looking and I don’t think anyone will argue with me about that, but what’s really important is that they do what they’re supposed to do […]

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Dye Invision 2006 I3 Thermal Paintball Goggles


This is the predecessor of the Dye I3 Pro so if you don’t like the previous one there’s no way you like this one, too. There’s a little bit of tendency forming with the products of Dye – the newer versions are not that much different from their predecessors – this is exactly the same […]

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Dye Invision 2007 I3 Pro Thermal Paintball Goggles w/Soft Ears


I’m not gonna say that goggles are the most important part of your paintball gear, but you have to admit that they do take one of the leading places – especially when it comes to safety. I don’t even wanna think about how painful it is to get shot in the head. Hopefully no one […]

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